Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's about time!

 I know everyone has just been waiting for my latest book, movie, and life musing updates, so here they are.

Movies - loved Star Trek Into Darkness.  It was such a fun movie to get into, even if you aren't a big trekky, which I'm not.  It is such a character driven story, that it was so easy to get sucked in to the story line and love/hate what was happening.  I was totally surprised at what awesome acting all the actors did.

Prince of Persia - way cheesy show, produced by Disney, but had a surprisingly awesome ending, that made me like it better than I thought I would because of all the cheesy lines and acting.  It seemed like the show was trying to be a little like Pirates of the Carribean, with the funny banter throughout, but it wasn't.  However, overall it was good.

Books- Okay, I'm in love with Shakespeare.  He was a genius and I am baffled each time I read/listen to a play at what a master he was at understanding human nature in all it's variables.  Twelth Night was one of my favorite laugh out loud plays.  So fun.  Just read it, or even better, listen to it with a full cast audio book production.  It will rock your world.

Rachel Morgan- one of my new favorite authors.  I recently just read the first two books in a series called The Faerie Gaurdian and The Faerie Prince.  Very fun fantasy books with awesome writing and hilarious banter between characters, and just the right amount of romance for my liking.  Way fun.

As for life musings, I may have something to add after I finish King Lear.  My heart is breaking for Lear, and I love the loyal Kent!

Well, happy reading/watching/running/pondering, or whatever it is you do for leisure.

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