Monday, June 3, 2013

Getting old is lame!

King Lear, by William Shakespeare

I LOVED King Lear on so many levels. First I loved the character foils, one clearly bad, and the other clearly good and loyal. I loved the fool and the loyal servant, Kent, to King Lear, and the role they both played in supporting King Lear after his two oldest daughters start treating him like he is just an old man, that they should pity, showing no respect to his office and the gifts he has bestowed upon him.

I love how Shakespeare used the theme of madness throughout the entire play, with some characters showing true madness, and others hiding their true disguises through madness. I love how Shakespeare used the role of a fool the represent the real food, and those acting foolish.

This story was also especially touching to me having witnessed recently friends and family get older and lose some of their wits, or physical ability, and to see how family or friends treat them differently, both in a condescending way, and also out of the good for the individual.

Being a parent is hard, and being a child to aging parents is a challenge also. I hope that I will be like Cordelia, Kent, Edgar, or the fool in how I treat them. Such a good play!

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