Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Romeo and Juliet"

I loved and hated this story.  With the entire play fraught with dramatic irony, it was just painful at times.  Yes, I get why it is considered a great love story, but it's got some serious problems. 
What's with Romeo being considered "The Man" when he laments about Rosalind for the entire first scene?  His turn-about love sick moaning for Rosalind to intense love for Juliet, just isn't believable to me.
Also, as much as I love the characters of the nurse and the friar, they have some serious issues with concealment. If they had just been open with the parents of the "star crossed lovers", tons of drama could have been avoided.
I was surprised that I liked Juliet as much as I did.  Even though she is way too young to really understand anything about what is going on, I admired her sweet innocence and whole hearted love for Romeo, even when she knew it was going to end in her demise.
What I did love were the beautiful play on words and soliloquy's.  Shakespeare was a master with words, and it was truly enjoyable to be taken to another place through the beauty and tapestry of words.

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  1. I love that you take on Shakespeare! :) I actually agree with you. It's not my favorite. But, I do get the "great love story" thing. We read it in 9th grade, and I find it so depressing I haven't fully read it since. Not even in my college Shakespeare class!

    And enjoy your blog! It's nice to have a venue to express opinions on books and movies, etc. :)