Saturday, May 4, 2013

Date night at the movies - in which I review Iron Man 3 and The Impossible

Almost 13 years ago, while my husband and I were preparing to get married, we met with our ecclesiastical leader for some council and advice, and he encouraged us to make sure that we made date night a priority in our marriage.

We have been pretty good at having a date at least 2-3 times a month.  We love to do tons of stuff, but we are easily entertained, and movie night is almost always our choice of a crazy night away from the kids.

Last night we went and saw Iron Man 3, one of the highly anticipated action packed block buster films of the summer.  The line was out the door, where we waited patiently for our chance to make a mad dash to get the perfect seats (in the middle of the theater in the middle of the row, right?).  There wasn't too much pushing and shoving, although I did ask my husband to hoist me over the railing so I could get in front of some of the slower moving movie goers.  But, it was unnecessary.  We got out perfect seats.

The movie was ok overall, but it was your typical action packed movie, with lots of buildings, cars, etc. blowing up. Nothing mind blowing, or life changing.  Not that I'm saying that each movie I see has to change my life.  I like to be entertained by comic book movies.  I think they are fun! 

But there was just a lot going on, and some of it didn't seem to fit. Like the stupid scene with a bikini swim suit competition being judge by some old grandpas, that had absolutely nothing to do with the plot.  Even though it wasn't that long, it felt like it had been thrown in the movie just for affect.  Pretty lame.  And no, it was not lame because I am feeling angst over the thought that I would not look as good in a bikini as the actors in the movie.  It was just lame because it didn't fit in the story.

It was pretty violent also, with humans who were genetically enhanced to have super human strength and power, and who were a little creepy with red eyes and over heated bodies.  I know action packed movies have violence, but this movie has been advertised on Disney Channel, making my kiddos want to see it.  It is so not a kid friendly show. 

Overall, I did like it, but I wouldn't rent it when it comes out, even to see the fifteen minutes I missed while I took a call from our babysitter in the middle of it so I could help her figure out what our youngest wanted after waking up crying for mommy.  It is a fun entertaining movie, but not very memorable.  I know I won't be thinking about it in my sleep.

But speaking of memorable movies, check out "The Impossible" with Ewan McGregor.  It's a true story about a family that was caught in the horrible Tsunami that devastated parts of Asia ten years ago.  Now that movie was awesome, even if it is quite intense with the realistic portrayal of what happened.  Very good, and will keep you thinking.

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